My name is Afaf  and to describe myself in few sentences I’m the following:

I’m middle easterian girl yet originally from Africa (Somalia) proud of my African roots, born and raised in UAE

I speak Arabic , English and Somali fluently and basic Spanish .

Admire the Western culture and have a Love for their Movies, Songs , stand up comedy and TV Series .

Cherish friends and family..

I’m feminist , i Support the HEFORSHE movement, i follow closely the United Nation work and admire them..

I’m a visionary person and on the hunt to find the unique qualities in people

I try to learn from each person i meet and benefit from the wealth of their experience

I’m a student of life

I love seeing people grow and flourish ..

My quality is Writing. Hence, the blog

I want to be an influencer and make a difference

in myself and others


عفاف حسن