A Conversation with a Friend…..

A friend of mine asked me recently

What is your blog all about ? What kind of blog is this ?

My mind frooze for a minute and went blank

But I said to myself get it together girl lol

I answered …

it’s about my experiences

But deep inside me I had no idea….

I had no idea what my blog is all about

Well posting about my experiences be enough?

Will people care

I don’t know yet !!


I turned to my best friend

Google …


You  know what they say..

In times of uncertainty google is your best friend lol

I looked up other blogger’s posts..

to see what I’m up against..

And ohhh boy….

I wish I didn’t
Did you know there are approx +75 million bloggers out their

Writing and posting about every possible topic that you could ever think of !!

I’m telling you this thing is real..

I mean the competition is extremely high..

They are smart..

And the way they compose their words and sentences..

It’s like they are composing a beautiful song.

It’s absolutely magnificent

You will be hypnotized!!

So I told myself

my head needs to be in the game.

I need to work hard..

I asked myself what am I going to bring on to the table

I don’t have an answer yet

I guess we will find out together

It’s just the beginning..

But I know this.

I’m doing what I love

This blog brings me joy and happiness..

I promised myself that

I will keep doing this as long as I’m enjoying


I end today’s post by quoting the Flying Dutchman Captain

Keep a weather eye on the horizon for me..

More is yet to come.