Solo Traveler Singapore [April 2019 ]

I recently travelled to Singapore solo , it was my very first solo traveler adventure .

Why I did it ? Simple I wanted to push myself and see if I can survive a six hour flight to the other side of Asia . I will be lying if I tell you I wasn’t scared at all .

I was PANICKING on the flight and when I panic I go through my hand bag zillion times to make sure I have my passport lol 😝 not to mention the lady who was sitting next to me was annoyed and kept eyeballing me cause I was moving a lot I don’t blame her..

After six hours the plane finally LANDED 😅now if you know me you definitely know that I hate two things take offs and landing 😩

Yet I Love traveling 🙄 anyhow the PANICKING went away when I begin to realize am in SINGAPORE 🥳 finally.

Everything got easier and smoother from there , I walked through the airport customs with a big fat smile and chatted with the immigration lady .

I saw the #jewelchangi 😍 I walked a lot explored the city went to the FRIENDS’s themed cafe took loads of pictures there .

Not to brag but in one day I even walked 20,000 steps which is an achievement I hate exercising ..

I also used google maps extensively and managed it pretty well it is important to mention that I suck at it but I can say confidently that am now okay 💪🏼💪🏼

This experience enriched me in every possible way I came back stronger and confident .

Nowadays I’m planning my next solo trip adventure .

Singapore will hold a special place in my heart forever..

Stay toned and let me know where to head next ? I’m open for suggestions


I leave you with the photos I took

PS. I made friendships shout out to my friend who I met in Singapore Kavita xoxox

2 thoughts on “Solo Traveler Singapore [April 2019 ]

  1. Yes solo travel is amazing experience. My last time solo travel was 2017. Ningbo to Guizhou, China. 3.5 hrs. It’s even more fun if u take train. But it can take 30+ hrs!!

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