“True friendship”

Tonight I don’t know why I feel so inspired !!!

So I decided to post something very brief…

I gotta admit posting this took me some courage ..

True Friendship…

What is the definition of true friendship…

To me true friendship is rare and can not be found easily..

A friend is someone who is their for you in your Up and Down…

A friend is someone who pulls you up when you are in trouble .

A friend is someone who wishes you well and put you first before him/herself…

A friend is someone who run to your rescue when you are in deep shit and don’t know what to do 🙂

You may feel you have a lot of friends around you and you actually live the dream a bit, enjoy..

You laugh and smile a lot and you may think hey it’s true friendship…

No no no

Wait a minute

Just take 5

Evaluate and assess if what you have is real true friendship or is it just time pass…

Before I go let me share this with you , a wise man once said

It doesn’t mean they are your friends, people pretend well….

At the end of the day , real situation expose fake people, so pay attention….

I will leave you with that thought in mind

You might actually thank me one day..


Till next time..

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