Love Can’t Conquer All – Part 2

Dear Love

This is the story of her ;

It’s not true what he said

“I say Love can conquer all “

Love may let you down some times or even many times but that’s the beauty of life

Life will knock you on the head ..

It will shake you up a bit ..

You will fall in love and fall out from love many many times ..

You’ll think

I can never love someone the same way that I do love you ..

You will say I will never love someone else but you …


that’s what you think right now

But listen carefully

You will most definitely love again and fall out from loving me..

I will become a sweet distant memory and You will find your happy ending…

I like to see life as a fairytale..

It’s not a childish thinking of me it’s rather an optimistic way of thinking am hopeful and confident about what the future holds for you …

May you find your happy ending

May you find your fairytale..

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