Home Sweet Home [Part 1]

Home Sweet Home


Recently I travelled back home to have some quality time with my family…

Let me tell you one thing

I loved every bit of my holiday, I can’t even begin to describe how delightful and wonderful my holiday was…

I mean ….

Isn’t enough that I got to spend it with my family and received special treatment from mom and dad [God bless them] xoxo

I felt a live again…

I came back completely different person and started to look at things differently

My family changed me ..

I have been living on my own away from my family for quiet some time and when you live on your own for a while it takes a toll on you in many aspects ..

Believe me ….

Sooner or later your heart starts to harden over time.

It is a fact ..

You slowly forget what is like to be around your family; around people who genially care about you with no-hidden Agenda’s …

Back home I was reminded again of what it is like to be part of family..

I really miss La Familia…

I even miss our cat “ The Honorable Guest”

My family nicked-named the cat “ Saad The honorable Guest “ because we don’t know whom the cat belongs to !!

When I asked mom since when do we have cat in the house ?

Mom replied: No, not at all we don’t know where the cat came from !! Lol

Mom continued : however, we know this the cat shows up for food three times a day Breakfast,Lunch and Dinner ..

It’s funny right lol


Mama even named the cat [Saad ] for no reason whatsoever am not sure if we even know the gender of the cat lol….

I’m not done yet …..Stay with me loooool..


Around the house and in the neighborhood you can hear and see goats and animals everywhere..

Believe it or not half of the neighborhoods in somalia keep goats and other animals as house pets lol

Now my guesses are they keep it most probably for the milk and the meat..

It’s not a rocket science kkkk

You gotta give it up for the Somali people

Love my country

And my family…

I’m not done yet….

TO BE CONTINUED in some other time…

La familia xoxo

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