Two Questions with Khalid Al Ameri

with @ Khalid Al Ameri …

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog…

I’m writing this post today from a plane on my way to home..

For those of you who saw my insta post recently I gave out some teasers on what my next blog will be all about …

Will it’s about Khalid Alameri…. .

I recently had the privilege of meeting Mr. Khalid Alameri who is a social media figure/Columnist / motivational speaker.

Khalid was asked to deliver a motivational speech at our university and as expected he didn’t disappoint and exceeded our expectations
Even those who didn’t know him and came along for the sake of coming were captivated by his charisma, energy and unyielding confidence

Khalid started his speech by introducing himself to the audience, talked about his goals, hopes ,dreams and the challenges he faced along the way.

He spoke highly about his family and how he got married at a very young age to his best friend Salama and the difficulties they faced together along the way .He also talked about their wedding day and how uncomfortable it was for both of them .

In his own words he said : The wedding was for the people not really what we actually wanted.

Khalid also talked about his corporate life and how unhappy he was and how he took a leap of faith and risked everything to follow his dreams and of course how his wife supported him and stood by his side and at times even pushed him to follow his dream which is TV and media..

Khalid opened up the floor for questions and of course this is the moment that I was waiting for right from the very beginning I had my questions all ready and lined up for him…..

I mean how often you meet Khalid Al Ameri and have the opportunity to ask him anything you want..



All of you know that I love writing and I sometimes call myself aspiring writer [not to brag of course am just motivating myself ] so I thought why not ask him some questions about writing given that he was a columnist with the National News Paper and I really liked his articles


I asked him : back in the days when you were a columnist with the National news paper did you use to show your articles to a family member/close friends before you send it across to your editor ?

Khalid replies : Not really, the articles that I use to write were impromptu some sort of on the spot reaction to something I saw or something that I read …

He said what really matters are the discussions that comes after you publish an article that is what really matters…

My second question to him was : Khalid you are an excellent public speaker and that’s an disputable fact so do you think this is a skill you acquired over the years or is it a gift from god??

Khalid thanked Allah for this gift and said it’s 50% -%50% he said when I was little I use to love to stand in front of people and speak out on anything and entertain them.

He said my Mom never told me to shut up or sit down she in fact would encourage me to speak up and at time request me to be the entertainment of the evening

He said this what build up the confidence in me and I appreciate my mom for doing that.

At the end

I was looking forward to take a picture with him and as soon as i took out my phone , my precious phone dead on me.

How disappointing that was.

Written on 10th November 2017

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