Thoughts: Working & Studying The struggle is REAL


I took couple of days off last week from work..

will because I was sick and also I needed to take some time off

Rest = Regroup = catch up on sleeping…

Whoever reading this is probably wondering the hell is she talking about…..


I wanted to cut to the core and decided to start my post with no Introduction…

You may say what is this then…


Nothing really I’m just explaining the reason why there is no introduction ….

Any how… Here’s the thing..

Lately, I began to feel that I didn’t accomplish anything tangible in my life…

I have been asking myself these past years one question …..

What do you want ?

You see…..

Some people have it all figured out….. They Know what they want and have put goals and targets for themselves

I admire those people…

They have it all figured out ….

On the other hand,


Do you know what you want ?

What are your goals??

If I’m gonna answer that question myself…

I will reply and say I don’t Know ….

I thought maybe I needed to continue my education and study …

So , I started studying but somewhere in the middle not really in the middle more like in the beginning


I stopped …

Didn’t really stop but I kept it on pause …[ that’s How I like to call it ]

I missed out on submitting few assignments and if you ask me why

I will say because work is stressful and I work for a very long hours.

Will let me tell you something ……

I knew all that when I signed up and I also knew that studying while working is not gonna be a walk in the park….
I knew all that ,,,,,

I knew it will be tough….

But then I knew I will be up for it…

I’m a hard worker…

And I’ve always been..

To be honest my dad told me I’m a hard worker

Long time ago ….

So I believed him and acted that way ever since…

Hard Worker…

But somewhere in the middle I lost my way…

I stopped working hard …

I gave up …..

I can’t get myself to study ….

I can’t focus….

Don’t know what’s wrong with me is it me or just because my job is stressful….

Any how …

I know I will get my act together eventually and will get back on track…


Sooner or Later…

I just wanted to know what will you do if you were in my shoes…

How would you respond to such situation….

Studying while working in a demanding or stressful environment …..

How will you push and motivate yourself…

Simply how would you do it ……

I think I need a pep talk from my dad!!!


See you ..

One thought on “Thoughts: Working & Studying The struggle is REAL

  1. Focus on the result, and you will find ur self working very hard to achieve it, everyone feel the same in the middle of all those things, but ammsure you will be fine at the end.

    So proud of you girl.

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