Weekend Thoughts

I didn’t post anything for a while

And the reason is simple ..

I was waiting for inspiration …

And Still are..

My best friend “inspiration” took a break and never came back …

Even now , While I write these words I honestly don’t know what to write…

Why wait for inspiration ..

I should create my own inspiration instead..


Drama Queen tell me about it…

In the Quest of finding Inspiration several ideas crossed my path…

I said to myself (I often find that I talk to myself as if someone else is there,

I’m not crazy lol)

I said to myself shall I write about LOVE…

I had topic prepared and I carried out extensive research for this particular topic

But then some how I felt the post is not ready yet, it needs a lot of work..

I decided to wait and maybe post it some time later when it’s done.

Spoiler Alert..Stay toned.

Later on I said to myself maybe I should write about Traveling

But then I’m not a frequent Traveler … I haven’t been anywhere except Somalia , India and Georgia..

So maybe when I hit 5 to 7 countries it’ll be appropriate for me to post about Traveling….

Hahahaah 🙂

Meanwhile, you know what they say if you can’t afford traveling read a book…

Lol.. It’s the best advise I got. Hence, sharing it with you all.

Sharing is caring lol


I picked a topic last night but I was too sleepy to write about it.

Will actually it all started this way

An Idea struck my mind but I was too sleepy to write.

I decided to go to bed but was too worried that I will lose/ forget the idea in the morning..

After a lot of typos ( I was typing with one eye open and one eye closed).
I called it off and slept ..

I always like to keep my post short

Therefore, I’m gonna post it on the next one.

Nice to be back people.

Stay toned.

Love you

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