Some People need to stop being immature…. Seriously GROW UP!!!

I don’t know how to start this post

But i wanna share a story with you..

Some time last week..

I was sitting as usual peacefully minding my own business

Causing no harm or foul to anyone.

Yep, hard to believe I know..



A lady came along and she started mocking another man’s accent.

I said to myself ..

What’s wrong with her..

Come on lady..

You have no right ..

English is not your first language either..

I mean this is ridiculous ..

I would have excused her if English was her mother tongue [Even then, I wouldn’t]

Any how she had no right..

All that was going up in my head.

I couldn’t speak out and I had my reasons at the time..

A good one as well ..

I really hated the entire situation and I felt bad..

The thing is ..

I live in a diverse city which is multicultural meeting point…

You see/meet people from different countries, backgrounds, religion and ethnicity.

Countries that I never heard of. [ I guess I skipped few geography classes back in the days]


But with all the seriousness..

When all these nationalities meet up the common language they use to communicate mostly is English…

So it’s normal that people pronounce words in different ways..

Use grammar in a different ways …

It’s normal..

But what’s NOT normal.

Is when someone [whose English is not even his/her first language] start mocking other individual’s accent and making sarcastic comments..

I mean what is this…



I know I should have said something at that point..

But I couldn’t and as I said I have my reasons.

Instead I’m trying to write about it .

So you guys can do something about it in the future if you come across such stereo types.

I guess what I’m trying to say is

Don’t be a chicken like me and speak up if you have a chance..

Let’s stop mocking other people and let’s embrace our differences .

And to that lady…

I say..

Grow Up and Get a LIFE

Some people need to be hit real hard, kicked in the face and take a big dose of grow up already !



Good Night..


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