##Midnight Thoughts ##

Stressed ?

Its 12:12 am and my eyes are wide open ..

I’m lying on my bed awake .

Thinking of…

Stress and how to deal with it ..


I have noticed that I’m stressed all the time…..

My mind is always racing

Like It is in some kind of “The Arrow”speed force dilemma ..

TV Junkies like me will understand the above expression lol

I mean..

I feel am in a fast car.,,

I wasn’t like this before…

Something Changed in me…

I used to be happier , I used to smile a lot ……

I used to cheer people up..

I was someone different

I was nicer …

I was sweet…

Something Changed in me..

That happier version of me disappeared …

Is this a part of the growing up process..

I don’t want to sound very dark in my posts…

But i guess that’s the point of having a blog…

Expressing and Letting things out…


I say this is Therapy in its purest forms 🤣 yet cheaper 🤑🤑


I would have gone insane..

If I haven’t already😉


It’s a joke people Relax …

Nowadays, my mind is always multitasking and racing …

For example :

I might be standing talking to someone at work however, my mind is somewhere else ….

Thinking of things i did or didn’t do
Assessing things and Putting down every possible scenario on what ever thing am handling …

Oh my poor mind.

I’m telling you it’s exhausting …

I’m exhausted 😩 ..

I ask myself ..

How did i end up this way

How did i ever become this person..

I wasn’t like this before…

I used to tell jokes and believe me it was a good funny ones ..

Where have my jokes disappeared ?

Life has changed me completely!!

I mean i still tell jokes..

But not as many as i used to..


Sometimes i tell myself you just need a break..

And everything will be better..

I tell myself yella go for a break and you will feel better when you come back…


Here’s the thing


Why do i feel worse ..

Because reality hits me Yet again

Life is difficult

It’s the way it is…

At the end of the day

I wear my smile

Kick off my tears..

And fight back

I’m Optimistic ..

And i will always be

I look up..

I know God is watching over me

Better days are yet to come …


✌️ Good Night


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