“New Me , New Blog”

Welcome to the very first post on my Blog..

I guess you are wondering why create a blog ?

Well the answer is simple….

I love writing

I even used to think that one day i will become a writer

to be honest that and a doctor also lol…

But i never did lol

When i was little

I kept diaries i guess its a habit that i picked up from my dad..

My father loves writing and kept diaries but stopped somewhere in the middle i guess dad  got busy with raising us .

In his dairies he  wrote about major events in his life such as: the birth of my elder brother, myself and my siblings .

He wrote about his high and low moments, he wrote about his favorite Arabic poems  and quotes …..

Going through these dairies (without my father knowledge of course but i guess now he will know) allowed me to experience and live what exactly he felt at each one of these moments..

it gave me an insight to what he has been through his life..

And since I’m my  father’s daughter 🙂

I did the exact same thing i kept diaries with one minor exception i dont exactly know the whereabouts of my dairies!!!

I should have kept a note on them with a toll free number saying if found please call this number lol….

I moved houses, cities and at some point even countries

I guess i lost them in between all that crap 🙂 oops pardon my French

I miss my diaries

The aim of this post is basically to let you know the reason behind creating this blog…

I love writing and i like to share my daily experience with you and share things i love, read and saw…

This blog is a window of my self and i like to think it will make me grow up

I love to hear your views at some of these






This blog is for you dad and for our shared love of  keeping diaries and writing ,,

#For the love of writing….

Thank you for being my dad

and sorry if my grammar is little bit off track xoxoxo


25th July 2017

4 thoughts on ““New Me , New Blog”

  1. Hey gorgeous..
    I do really like to read more about your Writings/Daily experience so please share it us..
    (All The Best with your new Blog You gt my support😉) Xoxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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